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Value-Based Healthcare
is our mission.

Keeping your business on track is our commitment. 


We help value-based organizations streamline their businesses to be more efficient, more effective, and more profitable through providing actionable data, years of industry expertise, and consolidation of core operations.  

Our platform is your nexus of systems and your single source of truth with your data - no more hopping from system to system to gather and translate data. Inside Vernier, we provide a secure, compliant, all-in-one system, flexible to you and the unique way you run your business.  

Meet Vernier.
The all-in-one solution for value based organizations.

We’re putting an end to having too many platforms under one roof and the headaches that come with them – multiple, expensive payments, needing subject matter experts for each system and the inability for integration between them all.  



Provider Data



Quality &



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All Your Needs and Data in One Place


Save Time, Resources & Money


Increase Revenue & Efficiency

Why Vernier

Why Vernier?

All the features you need to run your organization; one platform for your unique business needs.

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CMS Interoperability Platform 

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Quality & Coding

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Provider Portal

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Care Management

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Agent Management

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Provider Data Management 

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Experience the Vernier Difference.

Meet our system and learn how we can serve your organization. Schedule a demo with our team and change your trajectory with Vernier today.

Choosing Vernier.

With decades of experience, we have seen value-based care from every level in an organization. And we've built Vernier around those needs. 

One System that does it All

Consolidation at your finger tips.

You have a system for claims, a system for care management, a company that takes care of credentialling and another handling your provider portal. You’ve hired staff, or “subject matter experts,” to manage each system and company, and pay a salary to each of them. Each system comes with implementation fees, monthly costs, and occasionally the surprise expense increase.

We’ve created an end-to-end platform to be your nexus of operations and single source of truth. We believe in simplification through consolidation. We eliminate the silo method and unify all your operating necessities, crucial data, and actionable analytics under one umbrella. We've consolidated the fractured systems, data, and operational needs into Vernier. Meet your single source of truth for all your unique business needs.

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Flexible to Your Organization

Keep operating your way.

Many systems are not flexible to how you run your organization – you must adapt to the way the system works; the system does not adapt to you. These platforms often come with features you don’t want, while lacking in features you do. There is no customization, you simply get what it is at whatever price tag it comes with. This can leave users with an overly complex, unnecessary, and clunky system, or even multiple systems with the same problem. 

We don’t believe in a “one size fits all” approach, but rather a “we fit you” methodology. Our goal was to create a platform that is flexible, agile, and adaptable to your organization’s unique way of operating. With this goal at the forefront, we created Vernier to be customizable to your needs so we can deliver the features you want – and nix the features you don’t. One platform fitting exactly who you are. Take the features you want, leave the ones you don't.  

Easy Implementation

You grant us access.
We take it from there.

With just a few access points, we can get you onboarded and operational. Gone are the days of hiring new staff, spending hours in training and surprise start up fees. 

All with in 90 days. 

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CMS Interoperability and Patient Access Final Rule is expected to be enforced in 2023.

Are you ready?

You will be with Vernier. Skip the expensive build, the new hires, and the stress of not being FHIR compliant. When you hire Vernier Health for your Interoperability needs, we handle everything end to end. 

Resources about the CMS Interoperability and Patient Access Final Rule:

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