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Provider Portal. 

Your Gateway to Comprehensive Patient Insights.

As a dedicated healthcare provider, you understand the importance of staying informed and empowered when it comes to managing your patient panel effectively. Our Provider Portal is designed with your needs in mind, offering a user-friendly interface that grants you access to a wealth of critical information about your patients. With the ability to login and view detailed reports, you'll be equipped to make informed decisions and provide the highest quality care.

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Patient Data.

Use the patient modal and stay up to date with your members. Knowing the details of their medical history, medications and other important pieces of information will help you to make data-driven choices.

Provider Data.

Gain actionable insights through our KPIs and an overview of your members' chronic conditions.  Provider modals give you a competitive advantage and empower you to make well-informed decisions that lead to healthier outcomes.

Finance Data.

Increase your financial knowledge & insight with our KPI Report. Get a real-time overview of your financial health with our easy-to-read charts and visuals. Monitor month to month progress of individual insurance plans, compare the growth of different groups and providers, and more.

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Our comprehensive reports provide detailed real-time data that will give you the insight you need to proactively identify large claims and take steps towards preventing them. With our reports, you'll save time & money without sacrificing quality.  Get the guidance you need to reduce readmission costs and improve patient outcomes.

Membership Data.

Keep your membership records organized & up-to-date with Membership Reports. With our intuitive interface, you can easily track, review & analyze total membership, enrolled & disenrolled members, new members and patients not seen in the last 6 months.

Coding & Quality.

Take control of your coding & quality with HCC Scorecard. Our powerful dashboard provides you with an easy-to-understand breakdown of Open and New conditions, your monthly MRA and Redocumentation rate. With our Open Quality Gaps feature, you can easily filter down to the conditions you're most concerned about. 

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Predictive Analytics.

Don't settle for guessing - know your members better than ever with Predictive Analytics! Our advanced suite of tools provides you with a comprehensive view of member risk, from low to high, and helps you forecast potential cost and risk of hospitalization & readmission. 

*Predictive Analytics are an additional add on to the Provider Portal, not included in the standard portal. 


Utilize our analytics dashboard to gain valuable insights into your KPIs effortlessly. Our intuitive graphics provide a powerful means to visualize your data and make well-informed decisions with ease.


Effortlessly streamline authorization organization and management. Easily sort through both complete and incomplete authorizations, gaining swift access to the detailed authorization modals. Generate new authorizations rapidly and with precision using our user-friendly, step-by-step form, ensuring you never overlook crucial information again.

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