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Agent Portal.

Our Agent Portal is a dedicated platform designed for health plans to effectively and efficiently oversee their agent network and to empower their agents with all the data they need for success. Our Agent Portal is your comprehensive solution for optimizing agent management, enhancing productivity, and ultimately achieving greater success in the dynamic healthcare landscape.

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Agent Management

Stay organized and informed with Agents the Agent Portal. Our robust platform simplifies agent management and progress tracking. Consolidate agent information, access training test results, monitor enrolled members, and efficiently assign or reassign agents to FMOs, all in one place. The Agent Portal ensure your team remains up-to-date and fully prepared for success.

Membership Reports

Streamline your membership procedures with Member Reports. This dynamic tool offers a well-structured, interactive overview of all your members and their enrollment statuses, enhancing your organization's member management process. Member Reports enable seamless transitions between membership statuses, member ID assignments, and even effortless report export to CSV for in-depth data analysis. Elevate your membership management with Member Reports today.

Member Modals & Enrollment

The Members Modals offers an ideal solution for efficient member information management. Utilize our advanced tools to seamlessly monitor enrollment applications, track PCP history, and more. Experience the convenience of automated member disenrollment based on specified dates and effortless modifications to a member's PCP. Maximize the benefits of your membership with Members Modals, making member management a breeze.

Our new enrollment system also ensures agents can efficiently enroll members, assign PCPs, and ensure all necessary health information is provided.

Health Risk Assessment (HRA)

Streamline the enrollment process for Health Risk Assessments (HRA) and effortlessly monitor member progress.

Scope of Apointment

With Scope of Appointment, you can swiftly generate and dispatch a form to your members for their signature, whether in person or online. Easily monitor signatories with our Sent report, ensuring you have a clear record of who has completed the form. Begin simplifying the procedure of establishing and monitoring scope of appointments today.

Agent Training

Our comprehensive education program makes it easy to get up-to-speed on all the important concepts and terms, so your agents can start enrolling members confidently. After passing our in-depth quiz, they'll get their own user account and an email with login instructions - so they can start enrolling members right away!

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